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Keeping Arizona seniors connected to low cost internet

Jim Miller, Creator of the syndicated column, "Ask the Savvy Senior"


As more Americans  than ever become seniors, keeping them connected to their families and communities becomes a critical challenge. As of 2020, the nation had nearly 56 million older adults. That's nearly 17% of all Americans! The most recent census shows the US population aged 65 and older grew close to five times faster than the total population over the last 100 years from 1920 to 2020. Keeping them safe and healthy as they age is often made easier with the use of new technology. 

Why it matters: Seniors have so much to offer - wisdom, insight, time - yet without affordable, high-speed home internet to keep in touch, they can easily miss life-saving connections with friends, family and their community. It often falls on family members and caregivers to make sure their loved ones have access to internet. 

To help with this, Cox offers subsidies for Internet service through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which can be used to make its home internet inexpensive or potenitally free if you qualify. These plan are simple and easy, meeting the connection needs of most older adults. With Cox Mobile's new service plans, older adults. With Cox Mobile's new service plans, older adults have a new, affordable way to stay connected on the go.

Loneliness breeds illness

Zoom out: One thing is clear: staying connected helps seniors maintain their health and potentially live longer lives. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy recently said loneliness increases a person's risk of anxiety and depression. Social disconnectedness also raises the risk of heart disease by 29%, dementia by 50% and stroke by 32%. Loneliness can even be as unhealthy as smoking daily.

Dig deeper: High-quality relationships contribute to people living longer, healthier lives. And since more than 21% of men and 49% of women aged 65 and older are single, it's understandalbe that they may feel isolated and lonely. Communication through the internet and mobile devices is crucial in keeping older adults engaged and connected to others.

Two in five U.S. seniors - equaling around 20 million people - lack access to high-speed, wired at-home internet. This prevents them from being able to stay connected with friends and family or to access important healthcare or financial information. Many seniors live on a fixed income, but it's important for them to know there are internet and mobile options that won't break the bank.

Affordable access is available

The latest: To address this digital divide, Cox offers the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) through partnership with the federal government which provides eligible households a discount fo up to $30 per month (or $75 on Tribal Lands) to access high-speed, affordable internet.

Specifically, some seniors may qualify for free internet by combining their ACP qualifications with one of these low-cost internet options:

  • Cox's ConnectAssist is an affordable internet plan costing households $30 a month for service. If seniors qualify for the ACP discount of $30 a month, that discount applies directly to their bill. Each month, they end up paying nothing for home internet.
  • StraightUp Internet is a prepaid plan in which households spend $50 a month with no term agreement or credit check required. The package includes a wifi modem and allows five to seven devices to stream content with downloads speeds up to 100 Mbps. It also provides flexibility so seniors pay as they go and can turn service off and on easily. Households that qualify for the $30 ACP discount would effectively pay $20 a month

On the go with mobile: Additionally, Cox internet customers can access simple and flexible Cox internet customers can access simple and flexible Cox Mobile plans that meet their needs and fit seamlessly with their lifestyles, including Pay As You Gig for $15 per month per gig, or Gig unlimited, which is our unlimited plan for $45 per month.

Customers switching to Cox Mobile can benefit from unlimited talk and text, along with access to 4 million+ Cox wifi hotspots nationwide - with no term agreements. This helps them save on data costs. They can also purchase or finance Apple, Samsung and TCL devices or bring their own device (BYOD). To find out whether BYOD is an option, customers can check our device compatibility checker on cox.com