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  • June 15, 2019

Arizona classifieds at newszap.com: Online Features

Online Features

  • Pets

    Top Tips for Moving With a Pet

    (StatePoint) Your furball is part of the family, so if you’re like most, you don’t make major life decisions without thinking of your pet’s needs — including where you live and how you move into a new home.

  • Home Decorating

    Tips to Nail the Latest Home Design Trend

    (StatePoint) Redecorating? Experts say to keep in mind that the days of matching metals used for lighting, cabinet hardware and plumbing are over. Today’s rule: mix it up! When done right, combining colors adds visual interest and depth to a space.

  • Kitchen Bed Bath

    Tips to Outsmart Bugs in Your Home

    (StatePoint) If you have bugs in your home -- as many households do and the majority worry about -- there may be good reasons for this. Insects are resilient, strategic and way smarter than you may realize.

Top Story

7 ideas to give your barbecue the ultimate flavor boost

(BPT) - When the temps heat up, home cooks look for lighter, more refreshing food and drinks that still pack a nutritional punch. The cranberry is just the thing — a tangy fruit that adds flavorful zing to sweet and savory recipes. Available dried, frozen, as juice or sauce, cranberries are a good source of Vitamin C and have fiber and antioxidants as well. Offering big health benefits in a little package, cranberries are full of polyphenols not commonly found in other fruits. You can enjoy their robust flavor while boosting your health.

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Recent Headlines

Friday 06/14/2019
4 ways to enjoy your outdoor living space year-round
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:35 am

(BPT) - A one-of-a-kind, all-seasons deck is possible in any climate — if the right features are included in the design. The key is to combine features that protect from the elements, and use the right materials to make it happen.

3 things to know about saving money on your new roof
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:34 am

(BPT) - Replacing an aging or damaged roof is an important step to protect your home from the damage the elements can dish out — heat, wind, rain, snow, sleet and hail. But homeowners may not realize that the type of shingle they choose can make a big difference, not only in the protection it offers to the home, but also in the cost of their homeowners’ insurance.

Score: How sports empower women’s success, and you can too
Posted: June 14, 2019

(BPT) - Developing the women entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow is all about showing the way — and increasingly, the sweat of sports competition is a key training ground for women’s career and business success.

Millennial Successfully Relocates And Buys Second Home at Age 25
Posted: June 14, 2019

(NewsUSA) - Amy bought her first house in Grand Rapids, Michigan at age 23. Fast forward two years and she has since sold that house and relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Two houses in two years at age 25: Here's one Millennial who isn't sacrificing homeownership for mobility. 

Prevent your student’s 'summer slide' with … video games?
Posted: June 14, 2019

(BPT) - School is out for the summer, and parents everywhere are worried about their kids spending too much time staring at their screens. If you are one of those worried parents, take a moment and determine what your child is actually doing with their screens. It’s one thing if they’re just consuming content, it’s another if they’re actually using their screen to be productive. Screens actually can be tools to enhance learning, spark creativity and teach new skills. The key is to tap into your child’s interests and discover screen-time options that provide a balance between consuming and creating.

Thursday 06/13/2019
Incontinence is nothing to sneeze at
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:35 am

(BPT) - Today, we’re inundated with TV ads promoting the use of pads and adult diapers. We hear about mesh surgery going awry and about meds being prescribed. Urinary tract, bladder control and bowel problems are a major issue for men and women alike and it’s one of the most embarrassing aspects of aging, tearing of the pelvic muscles during childbirth, anal or rectal cancer. Many people who suffer with urinary incontinence can also have leaky bowel, and suffer in silence and embarrassment, sometimes confined to their homes.

Junior Achievement Program Supports Girls in STEM
Posted: June 13, 2019

(NewsUSA) - There is a well-known gap between girls and boys when it comes to interest in STEM careers. And evidence shows that that gap may be widening based on a survey from Junior Achievement, a non-government organization that prepares youth for future jobs.

The American ingredient inspiring top French chefs
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:32 am

4 Cooking Secrets from Michelin-starred Chef Curtis Stone
Posted: June 13, 2019

(BPT) - Whether it’s in his home kitchen or at one of his restaurants, Michelin-starred Chef Curtis Stone believes a delicious meal is best enjoyed with the people you love. From breakfast favorites, to easy weeknight meals and the perfect dinner for hosting friends and family, Chef Curtis Stone shares some tips and tricks to help you prepare a memorable meal, alongside one of his favorite roast chicken recipes.

Easy DIY projects to refresh your home decor
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:35 am

(BPT) - When you look at your favorite interior spaces, are you craving a refresh? If your home decor is dated, drab or you're just bored with it, an update is in order.

These 6 summer travel tips will save you money
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:37 am

(BPT) - Whether you’re one of the nearly 100 million Americans planning to take a family vacation this year, according to a March 2019 AAA report, or embarking on a solo trip this summer, traveling can take a toll on your wallet. From transportation to accommodations, planning ahead can save you time and money on your much-deserved vacation.

Hidden epidemic: The disease that will be the #1 reason for liver transplants in 2020
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:33 am

(BPT) - Every day your liver works tirelessly to support over 500 essential bodily functions, including storing energy, neutralizing harmful toxins, converting nutrients for absorption and acting as a filtration system. If your liver isn't healthy, it's unable to do these important tasks. The problem is, many people's livers are at risk for a disease that impacts up to one in four individuals. To make matters worse, the symptoms for this disease are subtle and easily mistaken for other health issues.

How Women Can Make Changes for Their Health and the Environment
Posted: June 13, 2019

(StatePoint) The average menstruating woman uses 11,000 feminine hygiene products over her period lifetime. End-on-end, that amounts to eight times the height of the Golden Gate Bridge! For this reason, experts say the products you choose can make a significant impact on your health and the environment.

Wednesday 06/12/2019
5 consejos para controlar los síntomas de la perimenopausia
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(BPT) - ¿Padece de accesos de sofocación? No está sola.

Si usted es una mujer en sus cuarenta años, puede haber comenzado a sentir los síntomas normales de la perimenopausia, una transición natural que ocurre durante los años que preceden a la menopausia. Durante la perimenopausia, que puede durar desde pocos meses a casi una década en algunas mujeres; así como durante la menopausia, la sofocación o sofoco es extremadamente común. Según la Oficina para la Salud de la Mujer de los Estados Unidos, el 75% de las estadounidenses van a experimentar esos accesos de sofocación.

Entre otros síntomas que aparecen durante la perimenopausia y la menopausia están: dolores musculares, cambios emocionales, sudoraciones nocturnas y problemas para dormir, problemas para pensar y recordar con claridad, resequedad vaginal, aumento de peso, y más. Pero ¿qué puede hacer para enfrentar estos síntomas?

Los primeros pasos consisten simplemente en mejorar su salud y bienestar general. A continuación, algunas buenas estrategias para comenzar:

Refuerce su dieta con alimentos integrales y frescos.

Disminuir la cantidad de alimentos procesados y azúcar que usted consume, e incrementar la incorporación de ingredientes frescos como frutas y verduras a su dieta, beneficiará enormemente su salud, y le ayudará además a reducir algunos de los síntomas comunes de la perimenopausia.

Póngase en movimiento.

Aunque no es necesario que corra en un maratón, incrementar su actividad física cada día puede hacerle realmente que se sienta mejor durante esta etapa de su vida.

La actividad física puede ser tan sencilla como dar una caminata o montar bicicleta todos los días. La incorporación a su rutina de pesos de mano o ejercicios como la yoga, puede ayudarle a mejorar su tonificación muscular, fuerza y flexibilidad. Todas estas actividades reducirán el estrés y contribuirán a reducir algunos de los peores síntomas de su perimenopausia.

Pruebe con un suplemento derivado naturalmente.

EQUELLE es una nueva alternativa no hormonal y sin receta para las mujeres, que alivia la frecuencia de los accesos de sofocación asociados con la menopausia. EQUELLE es un producto derivado naturalmente de un compuesto vegetal existente en la soja. En las pruebas clínicas realizadas, las mujeres participantes experimentaron mejorías hasta en el breve plazo de cuatro semanas, y resultados óptimos en ocho a doce semanas. Está confirmado que su ingrediente activo, el S-equol, es seguro en los suplementos de alimentos y medicamentos. Más detalles en el sitio web EQUELLE.com.

Hágase usted misma el regalo del sueño.

Como algunos síntomas menopáusicos pueden interferir en su sueño, haga planes para un mejor descanso, definiendo una hora regular de irse a dormir que sea lo demasiado temprano como para permitirle disfrutar de unas buenas y sólidas ocho horas de sueño.

Asegúrese de que su dormitorio sea cómodo, oscuro y libre de elementos de desconcentración. No se deje llevar por la necesidad de estar conectada a la tecnología tarde en la noche. Haga algo relajante antes de irse a la cama, como meditar, escuchar música o leer. Si su sueño es afectado seriamente por síntomas de perimenopausia, hable con su médico para determinar opciones adicionales.

Alivie su estrés.

Busque sus propias formas más efectivas de aliviar el estrés, ya sea con ejercicios, meditación, tiempo al aire libre, baños relajantes o masajes. Cualquier cosa que le ayude a dejar a un lado las preocupaciones del día y relajarse realmente, también la ayudarán a reducir síntomas desagradables durante las etapas de perimenopausia y menopausia.

Si los síntomas no mejoran y afectan adversamente su calidad de vida, hable con su médico sobre éstas y otras preocupaciones de salud que pudiera tener en esta etapa. Identifique los síntomas que experimenta, a fin de que pueda analizar estrategias para que logre “sentirse como usted misma” nuevamente. Hay muchas opciones, no solo para hacerles frente a la perimenopausia y la menopausia, sino también para prosperar, y sentirse lo mejor posible.

The homeowner's guide to reading your roof - what's normal and what's not
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:34 am

(BPT) - Four out of five homes in the U.S. have asphalt shingles on their roof. And it’s easy to see why. The wide variety of available colors and styles, combined with durability and affordability, has made asphalt shingles the leading choice for residential roofing in the country.

Easy back-to-school tips for teachers to do over the summer
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:33 am

(BPT) - Summer break is the time when teachers everywhere get a much-deserved respite from the chaos of the school year. Although summer break is in full effect, the new school year is just around the corner. A little extra planning in the summer can go a long way to making the return to school as smooth as possible. But if you’re not ready to get back in “school mode” just yet, here are some easy tips for teachers to prepare for the year ahead without sacrificing rest and relaxation.

Why dads are radder than ever
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:31 am

5 things to consider when planning a summer remodel
Posted: June 12, 2019

(BPT) - When summer arrives, homeowners tend to start thinking about home improvements, both indoors and out. Before beginning any project, consider all your options — what really needs doing? What’s a fun “wish list” project that can add enjoyment to your home? What might increase the value of your house? And most importantly, how are you going to pay for it?

The Hazards Most Likely to Damage Your Tires
Posted: June 12, 2019

(NewsUSA) - Beware of a spoon stuck in your tires?

Daily Dose of Reading Helps Boosts Brain Power
Posted: June 12, 2019

(NewsUSA) - If, like many people, you are concerned about how much screen time you or your kids are getting, there's an easy remedy which can also help boost your brain power: Reading a book - in print.

How to make sure that luxury brand is real before you buy online
Updated: June 15, 2019 - 2:33 am

(BPT) - Fashions may change, but nothing has the staying power of a luxury watch, handbag or necklace from one of the top brands in the world. Whether you’re scouting out your next gift or looking to elevate your style, luxury goods hold the key to quality and prestige.

Serenity Awaits at Calabash Cove Resort & Spa St Lucia
Posted: June 12, 2019

(NewsUSA) - Travelers who are seeking serenity as part of their quintessential Caribbean luxury resort experience will find their perfect getaway at Calabash Cove.

Understanding Your Choices
Posted: June 12, 2019

(NAPSI)—For many families, few things are more important than schooling—and an increasing number are taking it into their own hands.

No deje que las llantas desinflen sus planes de viaje
Posted: June 12, 2019

(NAPSM)—Tener una llanta desinflada no es nada divertido, en ningún momento, especialmente durante las vacaciones. Para que su carro no le cause problemas en su próximo viaje, el Concilio de carros Car Care Council, una organización sin fines de lucro, recomienda un chequeo rápido de sus neumáticos antes de emprender el viaje.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Summer Produce
Posted: June 12, 2019

(StatePoint) Summer can be all too fleeting, but one of the best ways to ensure you make the most of the season is by enjoying the generous harvest of fruits and vegetables it brings.

More Women and Minorities Needed for Financial Planning Jobs
Posted: June 12, 2019

(StatePoint) Americans’ need for competent and ethical financial advice continues to grow, but the population of professionals who can provide such advice is shrinking.

5 Tips to Get Organized
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:56 am

(Family Features) Getting organized and making the most of your home’s storage space can be a daunting task. To help keep clutter at bay and streamline organization throughout the house, consider these tips for revamping your closets and designated storage areas from the experts at ClosetMaid.

How to Combine Learning and Fun
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:56 am

5 tips to keep kids’ brains active and avoid the summer slide

Keep Clutter at Bay
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:56 am

(Family Features) You can get your home reorganized and looking great with just a little bit of TLC and some helpful storage solutions. From those stray groceries that haven’t found a home in the pantry to shampoo bottles that linger on the bathtub ledge, these options can help you get reorganized and maximize your storage space.

Make Sense of Your Travel Preferences
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:56 am

(Family Features) Seasoned travelers know that no two trips are exactly the same, even when revisiting the same location. The weather changes, your personal life and perspective evolve and any combination of factors makes each experience unique. However, if you’re like most travelers, your preferences guide your journeys no matter how far you venture from home.

Mouthwatering Ways to Create Italian Dishes
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:56 am

(Family Features) While activities and events seem to rule most people’s schedules, time spent sharing a home-cooked meal is an important way to keep up with loved ones.

To Dad, With Love
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:56 am

Gift ideas for a fantastic Father’s Day

Take Your Workout Outdoors for a Fresh Boost
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:56 am

(Family Features) As temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, you might start taking your workouts outside more often. To ensure your body's comfort and safety, you may need to refresh your fitness regimen.

6 Ways to Help Your Dog Maintain Calm Behavior
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:56 am

(Family Features) Summer can be a stressful time of year for dogs who experience anxious behaviors, with triggers like fireworks, thunderstorms, summer travel and more taking a toll on pets. While you may not be able to prevent your pet’s anxious behaviors entirely, there are ways you can ease your dog’s apprehension and manage the behavior it can potentially cause.

Veteran Affairs
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:56 am

Service members make business ownership a post-military career

4 Key Decisions to Help Memorialize a Loved One
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) Despite the certainty of death, many Americans delay dealing with the fact and avoid funeral planning.

4 Stealthy Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) Living a healthy lifestyle takes effort and diligence, but with common stressors of day-to-day life, health can take a backseat to jobs, social engagements and tempting treats. While adopting more healthful habits may not be top-of-mind for your family, there are some simple and sneaky ways to incorporate them into your family’s routines.

Workplace Tips and Strategies for New Parents
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) While having or adopting a child can be a rewarding and exciting time for new parents, many working moms and dads will tell you navigating the complex maze of employee benefits can be confusing. Between short-term disability insurance, Family Medical Leave, vacation, paid time off and state and municipal paid leave laws, the process can be anxiety-inducing.

5 Time-Saving Laundry Tips
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) Between sorting, washing, pouring, transferring, drying and folding, laundry can often feel like a daunting chore.

Memorable Family Moments
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

Educational activities ideal for making memories together

Your TV Stations May Change Frequencies
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) If you rely on an antenna for your TV viewing, changes may affect the reception of some of your local channels.

Mandy Moore’s Mindful Tips for a Well-Balanced, Lively Summer
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) With plans of trips and relaxation on the horizon, it can be easy to give your wellness routine a vacation, too. Before you jet set off on your next adventure, take a moment to be consciously aware of how your mind and body may react to an overly active and jam-packed summer schedule.

Enjoy Summer Movie Favorites at Home
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) The 2019 summer movie season is filled with exciting big screen events, from mega-blockbuster “Avengers: Endgame” to “Toy Story 4.” After the closing credits roll, however, movie fans can explore plenty of complementary film titles at home.

Brunch Bites
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) A perfect addition to your brunch table, these savory Mini Ham and Avocado Biscuit Sliders are quick and easy to make. For even more homemade flavor, make the biscuits from scratch using a buttermilk-sweet potato mixture.

A Show-Stopping Dessert
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) With its dramatic presentation, this freshly baked cake and ice cream-based dessert can impress guests at your next gathering. 

Spice Up Summer with Grilled Kebabs
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) Fire up your summer cookouts with crowd-pleasing kebabs, which are easy to prepare and fun to experiment with because you can use nearly any combination of meats and veggies.

Effortless Summertime Entertaining
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) Summer means it’s time to stock up on fresh produce and light the grill for a season of outdoor gatherings with friends and family. Make entertaining easier with flavorful options that can make menu-planning a breeze all summer long.

A Homemade Gift for Father’s Day
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

Impress dad with your DIY skills this Father’s Day

Simplify Summer on the Grill
Updated: June 13, 2019 - 2:55 am

(Family Features) Summer is typically a busy time for families, making those moments you spend together all the more precious. The hustle and bustle of the season doesn't have to mean sacrificing wholesome meals, however.